Ducksday USA (Review)

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I had been searching for quite some time for the perfect rain gear for Athena. I wanted something that would work in all sorts of weather conditions. I also wanted something that she could grow into so I wouldn't spend a bunch of money on something she would wear for a few short months.... That's when I posted a question on the LittleOwlCrunchyMomma Facebook page asking other mommas what gear they had and how they liked it. I am so happy I did.

That's how I found DucksdayUSA. Their gear is awesome! 

Here are just a few reasons why I love it so much:

  • Design. The suit is a full body rain suit but it is very flexible and breathable. I can put it on Athena without feeling like I am obstructing her desire to move-- to run, to play, to roll around on the ground, to generally be a toddler and express her toddler-ways...
  • Multi-Weather. This suit works when it's cold outside and you just want to swing on a swing without freezing your little tush. It works when it's raining or snowing out. Or it works if you just want your child to 'help' wash the dishes without them getting completely soaked...
  • Grows with the child. I purposefully got a larger-sized suit for Athena but I was surprised how easily it worked for her even at this stage. I simply had to roll the sleeves and legs up a bit and it is perfect. I think she will be able to wear it for probably 2-3 years before she outgrows it! And then after that, it will probably go to the next kiddo...
  • Boot straps. I'm pretty sure the person who designed this suit thought of everything. The pants have nifty little boot straps on them that you can use to either hold boots on, or put inside boots to keep the pant legs in so the kid stays warm. Genius. 
  • Hood folds inside. Like I said, they thought of everything. The hood folds away and tucks into a easy velcro pouch. This is particularly awesome for my kiddo because she HATES having anything on her head. So, we simply tuck it away and no worries.
  • Lots of pockets. This is another awesome feature. We haven't used it much yet, but I know as Athena gets older we definitely will. One can never have too many pockets, right?
  • Bright colors. It's just so fun. Every suit is designed to look like a party. I'm not even joking.
  • Reflectors. This suit also has reflectors, which is an awesome safety addition, especially for playing in the snow or when it's getting darker outside. 
  • Folds up compact. I had no idea until someone pointed this out to me, but, the whole suit folds up into a secret pocket and becomes smaller than a purse! Brilliant.

For more information on DucksdayUSA gear check out their website
Or stop by DucksdayUSA on Facebook. Give them a "like" while you're there. Be sure and tell them Athena and I say hello! <3


  1. It's cute, too! On a side note, I commend your use of "one" rather than "you" in the sentence regarding pockets. Your capability with the English language keeps me coming back.

  2. I love those little buttons on her hat. What a clever idea!


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