The Big Book of Kombucha (Book Review)

If you've been following this blog for any amount of time, you know how much I love fermenting. It's been something I've been really passionate about for a very long time. I love fermenting everything from the basic carrot stick or cucumber pickles... to tomato salsaapple chutney... even eggplant. And, of course... kombucha!

That's why I was so excited when I saw that this book was going to be published!

The Big Book of Kombucha

I've never met a book more aptly named. The title says it all, really. This is THE one and only Big Book all about kombucha.

Written by Hannah Crum and Alex LaGory of Kombucha Kamp, (grab your Free DIY recipe and guide!) This book is a magnum opus. So much thought, dedication, years of experience and research have gone into this book they've created. And it's absolutely beautiful, too! 

Anyone who has ever tasted kombucha, made their own or tasted someone else's home brew has questions about what they've just experienced. Kombucha is far from new, but it's definitely a bit of an exciting trend right now. This book covers everything you could ever possibly need or want to know about this healthful elixir.

This book covers the basics, as well as going in-depth into the history, art and science of kombucha. Plus, it has over 200 recipes. But it doesn't overwhelm! It's a pretty spectacular accomplishment. I'm still digesting all the information and will be for quite a while. 

It's already been a helpful reference in my Fermentation Friends Facebook group where people have questions all the time about kombucha. If you like kombucha, make your own, or simply want to round out your fermentation library, you've gotta get this book!

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What does Alice Waters have in her pantry...?

Hello friends. Two weeks in a row. I'm on a roll after almost a year off from blogging. Today I wanted to write a quick note to let you know about this fun new book I've been enjoying perusing. It's Alice Waters newest work, My Pantry that she co-wrote with her daughter, Fanny Singer. 

Are you familiar with Alice Waters? I must admit that most of my experience with Alice Waters has been through quotes and Facebook memes. I knew she had a lot of wonderful things to say about eating real food, shopping locally and preparing delicious food at home. Other than that, I didn't know much about her.

But now I know what Alice Waters has in her pantry! 

I was excited to see this book come out in the same way that I would love to know what Nina Planck, Michael Pollan or any other real-food guru has in their pantry. Not in a creepy stalker-ish way... but just in an every-one-eats-three-times-a-day-and-snacks kind of way.... So how does everyone who strives for this real food idea 24/7 actually eat?

This book covers a wide range of topics--including fun spice and salt mixtures, nut and bean preparation, different way to preserve a harvest, and even simple cheese making. It's a super fun addition to any kitchen cookbook collection. 

It also has a lot of really fun illustration and some really fabulous looking recipes. I haven't had a chance to make any yet (that whole surviving one year with three kids thing keeps me pretty busy...) but as soon as I get a chance to get back in my kitchen I want to try out some of her recipes for preserving meat and fish and making my own red wine vinegar!

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It's such a simple word. Three letters. A number. One number.

It struck me the other day. My babies are turning one next month. When my oldest turned one it didn't strike me as much of a milestone. It was something that almost passed unnoticed with not much of a to-do mentally or otherwise. For some reason this time around, one feels like so, so much.

One is so many things.

One is one year with two babies. One is one year of breastfeeding two babies. One is one year of reoccurring breast infections and wishing it could end, but pushing through them. One is countless diapers changed and countless bottoms wiped.  One is one year of an only child becoming a big sister to two sisters. 

One is one year of little smiles, little fingers, little toes, and little sleep. 

One is one year of two babies, one toddler, and three children. One is one year as a family of five. One is one year of trying to figure out how to juggle parenting and marriage and somedays barely feeling like we're making it. One is one year of both of us having more responsibilities than either of us ever knew was possible. 

One is one year of making it. 

One is one year of recovering from two very different births. One is one year of trying to mentally process an almost terrifyingly fast vaginal birth. One is one year of recovering from a major abdominal surgery. One is one year of seeing pictures of moms birthing twins at home and sometimes feeling like crying. One is one year of being grateful for three healthy children. 

One is one year of countless tears cried and countless tears wiped. One is one year of the biggest emotions I've ever felt in my body and the biggest emotions I've ever tried to parent. One is one year of trying to love my new, older body and sometimes succeeding.

One is one year of feeling like I'm juggling while simultaneously trying to swim upstream a very large river. One is countless glasses of wine, countless tubs of ice cream, and countless less-than-ideal foods for breakfast, lunches, snacks and dinners. One is one year giving up countless ideals for the sake of one more day of sanity. One is one year of my heart swelling to the point where I feel like it is going to burst.

One is one year of less than three hours of sleep at a time. One is one year of needing more help than I've ever needed in my entire life. One is one year of getting more help than I've ever needed in my entire life. One is one year of realizing I could do things I never knew I could do. One is one year of carrying things I never new I could carry. One is one year. One is one year.

One is one year.

We've almost made it to one.

And that is something to celebrate.