L.C. of Acirema Review and Giveaway

As you well know, I'm all about natural choices for hair and body care. So when I discovered l.c. of Acirema I was delighted. I've been using Lori's products for a few months now and absolutely love them, so naturally when Lori offered to give YOU all a chance to try her products at a discount and ALSO offer a giveaway I was thrilled. Her products smell wonderful, and I completely support how she makes them.

But, she does a great job talking about that so I'm happy to turn the rest of this post over to her!

What is l.c. of Acirema?

Acirema is America spelled backward. But what does that mean? Well, that's a story for a later date...

What am I about? At l.c of Acirema, I use ONLY natural ingredients, avoid synthetic, and prefer certified organic and ethically wildcrafted, I begin from scratch, making only small batches to assure freshness. Of course no animal was harmed to test my products. 

From my ongoing education, I work very hard to learn about reputable suppliers, particularly ecologically aware and environmentally concious companies, to ensure an exceptional quality for all of my products.

What's the magic? I first start with all natural cold-pressed and organic or expeller-pressed oils, steering away from solvent-extracted oils. For example, my extra-virgin cold-pressed olive oil. I then add certified organic, certified by Oregon Tilth, ethically wildharvested herbs to the base of the olive oil. I infuse the oil with the herbs by allowing them to bask in the warm Colorado sun for at least 6 weeks. This lets the heat from the sun impart the wonderful medicinal and skin-mending qualities from the herbs righ into the base oil! This potent herbal healing oil is now ready to be applied directly to the skin. The remaining oil is used in other delightful creations such as the "Baby Bum and First Aid Salve" or the "Lavender and Virginia Cedarwood Foot Butter". Then sprinkle some drops of pure essential oils into the mix.   Magical?   Of course!

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Lori Loop, founder of l.c. of Acirema, is a trained herbalist, graduating from The Rocky Mountain Botanical Studies 3 year program, and has been making all natural, herbal body care for herself and her family for over 10 years.  In addition, she teaches herb classes, nutrition classes, and occasionally writes for several publications.  

"So with my background in herbal healing, I became very, very particular about each and every ingredient I put in a product. If I was aware that eating fake food was harmful, how in the world could I think that a fake ingredient in a body product was healing? I couldn't, and neither should you. I want you and my own family to have the very best healing ingredients, so that is what I use. I hope you enjoy!"  ~Lori 

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  1. I think I might like em all!...hard to find all natural, really good hair products..but I'm pretty much a skeptic...have tried several things (pricey, I might add) only to find disappointment ..be great to win to see if this might be the 'one' that actually delivers results!...Thanks for the review and the giveaway!...:)

  2. I really want to try the 3 piece face kit.

  3. I haven't tried them yet but would love to try all their products!

  4. Wow, her skin care products look great! I would love that Boo Boo salve since I have kiddos.

  5. Boo-boo salve. Lots of boo-boos here (love the name too) :)

  6. I would love to try the hair care!

  7. I love l.c. of acerima's products! The queen of mug toner is amazing. I've been using it for about a year, and love how it leaves my skin feeling. Her linen spray is amazing, too! My daughter always asks me to spritz her pillow before bed :)

  8. I need to stop being so busy for a minute and take more time, like you have, to research and make body care products. Thanks for helping me find these products. They look GREAT!


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