Creepy Places my Daughter Leaves Her Doll

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It all started with "kitty to go". Athena (who is 18 months old) had gone to bed and I was tidying up from the day when I saw her kitty in a "take out" box and right next to it her doll shoved upside down in a shoe box... I thought they were both a little creepy and also funny so I took a picture. 

"Kitty to Go"

And like any parent with an iPhone these days... I had to put it up on Instagram. I captioned it "#creepyplacesmydaughterleavesherdoll." Since then I have continued to find my daughter's doll in similar, "creepy" places and have collected them all under this same hashtag. Now, I bring them here for your viewing pleasure.

Note, none of these are staged. 

"The Pillow"

"Face Down"

"The Hallway"

 "The Car Console"

"A Boot, a Spoon, a Computer Cord" 

Needless to say, friends and family thought the whole idea was hilarious. Friends have even started capturing their own kids leaving their doll creepy places and placed them under the same hashtag on Instagram. Too funny. I also got this one in a text message the other day from my sister-in-law when she was with Athena:

"The Wicked Witch in Reverse"

And last but not least, my favorite and I believe the most creepy:

"CSI in your Backyard"

Of course, the truth is, my daughter adores this doll. She pretends to nurse her, rocks her when she "fusses", pushes her on the swing and puts her to sleep while telling us "shhhh" and putting her finger to her lips. Truly adorable.

Oh the irony. It doesn't stop these photos from looking any less... creepy. :)

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Parents, has your kid ever done anything like this? :)


  1. LOL! That is so funny! :) Love this idea. I could start a collection of "Creepy Places my Cat has Pukes", but I don't think that would be a hit.

  2. So fun! I would love for it to take off!


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