Things to Love (November)

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Better late than never with this right?


That about sums up how I feel about life right now. There is just too much to do and not enough time. And half the time I only remember I have to do things until... they are past. So frustrating. I feel like I could excuse this by claiming "mommy" brain but I feel like that would be just that.. an excuse.

Oh well. It can only get better. Anyways, I am glad that winter is here and we can all cozy up together. November has come and gone but here are a random assortment of things I loved! Hope you enjoy.

  • I loved the honesty in the post about the deplorable state of our health care system, specifically for geriatric patients. 
  • I loved this recipe for fruit juice caramel sauce and am really excited to try it! I have fresh pressed apple juice in the refrigerator just calling my name...
  • I used to love Irish cream so when I found this recipe for homemade Irish cream I was very intrigued. Pinning it for later post-nursing use (yeah... or maybe. If I can wait that long...)
  • I used to love listening to CDs. (Yeah, remember those?) I have a bunch to get rid of so I was happy to learn about how to recycle CDs.
  • I love that Brian finds such joy in playing soccer. (On a related note... thankfully, this isn't an issue for us because he doesn't drink them, but I loved this succinct summary of WHY to avoid sports drinks.)
  • I love this idea for spaghetti squash noodles. I've been telling myself for years I am going to try this. Maybe this will be the month...?
  • I love seafood. I am really excited to try this recipe for lemon basil salmon. Also, I made a promise to myself that I will learn how to cook the WHOLE fish this next year, so this recipe is good to have on hand for whole, roasted snapper.
  • I love kale. Have you ever made kale chips before? They are so good. I like this suggestion for what to do if you mess up your kale chips (not that I have ever done that...)
  • I LOVED this tour of a Victorian Kitchen. Did someone say jealous? Wow. Seriously. 
  • I love my cast iron. So... I was super bummed to read this post about the dangers of cast iron... I am still processing what I think. (Any thoughts you have would be appreciated...)
  • And, of course... I loved THANKSGIVING. And these beautiful photos of her thanksgiving taken by my dear friend (whose blog you should all be following, fyi...)
  • I love the LittleOwlCrunchyMomma community on Facebook. It has been so wonderful to have a place where I can go to ask questions, get answers, and interact with people who are interested in health, good food and natural living. I love you all!
  • I love my family. I love my baby girl. (I can't believe she is already six months!)
  • I love blogging because I get to share my journey with you, learn from you, and grow. I hope you all had a lovely November!

-The Crunchy Momma


  1. So sorry about your computer drama! Thank you for sharing my post on the Victorian kitchen tour-- it's been so much fun to get such an enthusiastic response!

    1. Thanks, Ariana. I think I really need to invest in a new computer. Especially if I am going to keep blogging.

      The Victorian kitchen tour was simply amazing!



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