What Moms of Twins Will Never Confess...

Twins are amazing. They are absolutely fascinating. Before I found out I was having them, I really didn't know much about them. For example, did you know there are seven different kinds of twins? Crazy, right? My girls are fraternal. 

I love having twins. Granted, it's been hands-down the absolute most difficult thing I have ever done. The first year I wasn't even sure I would survive. But, I did. I'm still here. Thanks to a lot of love and support. 

Truth is, everybody loves twins. No twin mom can go to the grocery store without having someone point and say "Ooh, look, twins!" Or someone else ask (of your kids who look extremely similar and exactly the same age...) "Are they twins?" Sure, it can be difficult when you just want to get in and out of the store quickly... but, who am I kidding? I'm a mom with three kids under four. I don't do anything quickly... Ever. 

Every twin mom knows what every twin mom knows... which is that there are things that we've experienced that have tested our sanity, stretched our patience, hearts and bellies in ways that are unlike anything we've experienced before. Truth is, motherhood, no matter how it's comes packaged for us, is hard. But, I'm not here to confess those secrets. Those are between twin-moms only. I'm here to let all of you TWINS out there in on some secrets. I have some news. Things no one ever talks about. But that are 100%, without a doubt, true.

Here are a few things you TWINS never knew (and maybe never wanted to know) about the early years of being a twin... 

1. Your twin has thrown up on you. In your eyes.

Sure, now that you're old enough to read, you've probably swapped clothes, eaten bits of each others food, etc. But, yes, without a doubt, your twin has thrown up on you, and most likely in your eye. Let's just say... things happen when you're a baby. And this is just party of the territory of being a twin.

2. Your twin has peed on you.

Sure, you know a lot more about your twin, probably more than most siblings know about each other. But, without a doubt, you've stepped in, if not played in, your twins urine. (Maybe even taken a taste?) When your a baby, things just happen. Messes are made. No names are taken.

3. Your face has been mistaken for a boob. Many, many, times.

It's hard being a baby. Especially when there is soft-skinned flesh next to you that just happens to be covered in milk just like you are. Now if only you could find that stinking nipple on there...

4. Yourself in the mirror scared you.

It's true. Because you grew up with someone always at your level, when you first saw yourself in the mirror, it scared you. Here was another small little person, exactly your height... except they didn't look like your twin. Who were they and what were they doing in your house? Who took your twin and replaced them with this weird looking kid...

5. You've worn your twins dirty clothes.

I'm not naming names here, but sometimes, some parents, forget which twin was wearing which clothes before they changed a diaper or what not... so... yes, you've traded dirty clothes with your twin. Probably more than a few times if we are being honest in our sleep deprivation. 

6. You've been drooled on by your twin. In your mouth.

Again, as I mentioned before, you probably know a lot more about your twin than most siblings do. Some things are probably best just not to think about...

7. You're twin has hit you... in the face. Many times.

More times than could be counted, really. Sometimes it was an accident. But, most of the time, probably not actually. As they say, all is fair in love and being a twin. At least you learned how to hit back pretty quickly. In fact, you probably worked out a lot of inter-personal issues, before you even knew how to crawl.

So there you have it, twins. That's a few things that your parents probably never confessed to you about your early twin-hood. Now, that could be because they didn't want you to know. However, most likely it's probably because they just simply couldn't remember because... well, they were parents of twins. And let's just say parents of twins aren't exactly know for how much sleep they get...


  1. A really fun post, Jackie! This mom of a singleton did have her sanity tested, too. I wasn't sure I'd make it through either, with my firstborn collicky for 9 months. I was SO glad I wasn't a single parent. I NEEDED my spouse to come home at 5:30 every day, or I don't know what. If he came home at 5:32 I'd be in tears and need to go outside alone... I'm sure it doesn't compare to twins, but parenting tests us and pushes us to our limits. And now I have a teenager, and I'm learning new ways to love and be patient... xo! So proud of you!

    1. Absolutely! Parenting stretches us all in ways we never knew were possible. I can't imagine having a baby with colic for 9 months. I can only image in how hard that must have been. But I can completely relate to going outside in tears. We are survivors! I'm grateful that the girls are a little older now for sure. Teenagers, though... that's a whole other game. I'm thinking maybe I'll just let Brian take over at that point. ;) Haha! Love you, Megan! Thanks for reading. <3

  2. Throw up, pee AND dirty clothes? Ha! Did you manage to document any of this with your girls so you can show them when they're older. ;)

    1. Haha! Good point. I'm sure it won't be the last time... So there is still time for photographic evidence of their eventful babyhood. ;) Thanks for reading, Elaina! <3


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