The New Adult Fad I'm Totally Getting Behind- And You Should Too!

Don't worry. This blog post is not about some fad book or film, calendar trend or advertising technique... Nope. Not that kind of blog...

I'm talking about the newest adult fad that I'm totally getting behind- ADULT COLORING BOOKS! They seriously are amazing. Turns out, coloring isn't just for kids. It can actually help anyone combat stress. And, seriously, what adult doesn't have stress? Especially parents. Especially parents of twins... Especially parents of twins and a three year old....

Yes. I can use as much "stress-releasing" as possible. Turns out, coloring is a great way to do that for me! 

I recently got a copy of The Time Garden: A Magical Journey and Coloring Book by Daria Song and I really am enjoying it. The illustrations are beautiful and I love having something to do in the evenings after everyone has gone to bed that doesn't require any THINKING. It's so nice to get the colored pencils out and just zooooooone ooooooout. Though I'd really love an awesome set of NICE colored pencils instead of the cheap ones I got in the kid craft section that I stole from Little Owl... (Don't tell!)

While I do love Daria Song's drawing style and think the artwork in the book is amazing, I think in the future when I get another coloring book I'd like it to be a bit more abstract. Having a story arc to the drawings makes me feel like I have to FINISH the whole book... And I'm not sure that's a reality for me... But abstract pictures like mandalas or kitty faces I could really get into! Live and learn I guess. Next time.

But really, it's not a bad way to wind down after a long day, right? 

I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review. Thanks, Blogging for Books!


  1. There's an amazing artist in town (Eugene) who created a home-made adult coloring book. It is FABULOUS. You can get one at the Holiday Market at the Fairgrounds -- her booth is at Spruce 160 - she's also often at Saturday market in the spring. Her name is Dune and she also does great boxes and journals and cards. More info:


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