Mushrooms of the Redwood Coast

Granted, I don't live on the Redwood Coast. But when Mushrooms of the Redwood Coast by Noah Siegel and Christian Schwarz came available, I couldn't help myself. It was such a gorgeous book I wanted to add it to our collection of mushroom hunting books. Besides, the part of Oregon we live in isn't that far away and the geography and mushrooms are similar, so there is quite a bit of overlap. 

This book is big. Probably an inch and a half thick which I was not expecting. 

It's also beautiful and contains a LOT of really great pictures and information. It definitely is geared towards accurately identifying mushrooms and not instructions on what to do with the safe ones once you have them in your kitchen. For that, you would need another book.

But, I'm very grateful to add this book to my collection. Even though my current experience with mushroom hunting involves some successful and some not so successful times chanterelle hunting... I am eager to do more and I know that some year soon we will. For now, I can sit at home during nap time and look at the gorgeous pictures in this book. So, when the season strikes, I'll be ready to go. 

Looking for books on Mushroom Hunting? 

These are two we use and love: All That the Rain Promises and More: A Hip Pocket Guide to Western Mushrooms. Written by David Arora, this book is perfect for taking along with you on your forest hikes. It fits right into a large pocket or small bag and contains helpful and quick referencing information on lots of mushrooms. Mushrooms Demystified, also written by David Arora, is a much larger book that contains TONS of information. Too large to take with you on a hike, it is perfect for keeping at home and using as a reference guide.

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