Book Review: Bread Revolution by Peter Reinhart

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Someday I would love to be a baker. I've always considered myself more of a cook than a baker. Cooking is much more forgiving. Baking requires you to measure things, whereas cooking you can use measurements like "just a little more" or "why not throw that in, too".

Of course, as things stand right now, with a three-year-old and two three month olds... I'm proud of myself if I can even make a cup of coffee for myself in the morning! And, of course, drink it after it's already gotten cold....

I absolutely adore the flavor profile of sourdough and sprouted flours, so when I saw Peter Reinhart's new book, Bread Revolution,  on the market, I had to check it out. It's a truly beautiful book, filled with delicious looking recipes and wonderful stories about the people who developed the recipes and rediscovered the flour techniques.  

So, when I at some point in the future have the chance to pursue my dream of becoming a baker... this will be the book I tackle.

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