Things to Love (NOVEMBER)

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I cannot believe another month has come and gone. Everyone warned me that time speeds up once you become a parent. I'm starting to believe them.

There are so many wonderful Things to Love from this month. Here are a few of my favorites.

  • I am excited to make this Soaked Banana Bread with some of the brown bananas I have in the freezer. Mmmm... sounds so good.
  • By far my favorite thing about this time of the year is all the warm soups we get to eat. This Sweet Potato and Tomato Soup sounds wonderful and very creative. I cannot wait to try it. 
  • Also, these Grain Free Coconut Flour Pancakes sound awesome.
  • Diana from My Humble Kitchen is one of my heroes. She is so inspiring to me. This wonderful, thoughtful post she wrote on having compassion for those living on Food Stamps is just beautiful. 
  • This guide to for "Dorm Eating Quick meals" is a definite keeper. Love some of the ideas in it. 

Of course, one thing not to love about this time of year is all the colds, flus and other sicknesses going around... To keep myself healthy I have been taking spoonfuls of this stuff, but I kind of want to get sick just so I can try this Honey and Cinnamon for cold remedy. (Just kidding of course! Not really. *knocks on wood*)

I am loving being back at my parents home and seeing Athena interact with her grandma, grandpa and uncle Garrett. But, there are definitely days when I miss living on the farm. But I was reminded of the difficult parts after reading this article on feeding a family in the middle of nowhere. Some day soon I will have to go back to doing that again. I can hope, though, that when that day comes we have our own farm and that our evening chores will be as fun as the evening chores at Blue Yurt. 

And last but not least, a few favorite things from my blog and my life this month are:

  • Feeling like I have mastered the art of sourdough baking enough to be able to share my own recipe for how to make a sourdough starter
  • My whole wheat peanut butter cookies, of course. Always a winner... I am glad I recorded the recipe on the blog so now I can access it from any computer in the world. ;)
  • And last but not least I am very grateful for finally being able to  put my thoughts into words in my post ''home': a rambling, a partial meditation'. It feels good to be have articulated something so personal that I have been struggling with for these past few years.
There are so many things to love and be grateful for this month. These are just a few of mine. 

What are some things you loved in November?

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