Things to Love (February)

Little Owl's first view of the Oregon Coast. February 2013.

What's not to Love about February? It is, after all, THE month of love.

Spring if in the air here in Oregon. It's tantalizing rays of sun are teasing us between storms of rain. I am grateful for every bit of sun and excited for when it is here to stay.

Here are a few posts I loved this month from fellow real foodie bloggers. Recipes, information, stories, etc. All sorts of wonderful things. In no particular, very random order, here are a few things I loved from February:

  • I love kombucha. So much. This recipe for continuous brew kombucha is just the thing to encourage me to implement the principle into my own kitchen. 
  • I enjoyed looking at these sweet pictures of this family's chick days and look forward to doing this same thing someday with Little Owl. 
  • Also, this recipe for crab cakes looks amazing.
  • I love this post on  healthy school lunch. Some great ideas for anytime snacks, too.
  • I have been loving my recipe for homemade laundry soap and am excited to test out these recipes homemade dish detergent and homemade dish soap
  • I love popcorn. If you are buying microwave, stop it. Now. End of story. And switch to this recipe for real popcorn.
  • I love that as a culture we seem to be becoming more health conscious and aware of our bodies reactions to food. However, this article about  gluten free as a dangerous fad also struck a cord with me.
  • I am loving these ideas for how to whiten teeth at home.
  • I used to love orangina as a teenager, so this recipe for lacto-fermented orange juice might just be making a debut in my house....
  • I love using arrowroot. I thought this article on arrowroot vs cornstarch very helpful and interesting.
  • You know I love chocolate. So, I wasn't sure I wanted to read this post on Organic Fair Trade Chocolate, but I am glad I did, and agree with the conclusion.
  • I am looking forward to going wild-crafting this next year so I am saving this recipe for elderflower hydrosol for later.
  • I love coconut. This recipe for grain-free coconut cookies looks stellar. 
  • I love butter. And consequently, despise margarine. I was happy to learn that I am not alone. Apparently, cats despise margarine, too.
  • I love lentils. And love being frugal. The two together? Perfection. Needless to say, I was very excited to read this post for 25 frugal ways to use lentils.

There you have it. Things I loved from February. Hope you had a good month. Can't believe Little Owl is already NINE MONTHS. Simply crazy.


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  1. Oh that round little babyface at the end! Too much cute.


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