A Break from the Fog

In the dead of winter I don't realize how much I really do miss the sun. I really do love winter. It feels cozy. Bundling up and taking a walk in the crisp, cold air feels like a small victory. I don't even mind rain (which is good considering I live in the PNW!).

The weather lately has been cold and foggy for almost two weeks now. There is a blanket of fog that has settled in the valley and refuses to leave. 

Yesterday, however, Little Owl, Brian and I found the sun! We went for a hike up a nearby Butte and had to strip our winter gear for t-shirts.

It was simply glorious. We didn't want to leave the top of the Butte and go back down in to the fog. Little Owl had so much fun. What a beautiful memory. Finding the sun in the dead of winter. It made me excited for spring and summer. For camping and backpacking. So many exciting adventures ahead. 

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  1. Hi Jackie. I was floored when I found your blog (on one of my frequent google jaunts related to WAPF) and realized who you are! It's Laura from clash debate/ancient history. Congratulations on your sweet girl! I'd love to catch up if you ever feel inclined :-) lightheartedmom(at)gmaildotcom
    Blessings to you and your little family <3


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