October Unprocessed 2012

Thanks to Andrew Wilder at Eating Rules for this wonderful challenge.

What: The challenge is for the whole month of October to eat no processed food. 

Where: My personal goal will be to do this wherever I am- whether at home, a friends house or a restaurant.

Who: Anyone else want to join me? Log onto Wilder's site to get connected. 

Why: to take a realistic look at how much processed food I eat. I try to eat unprocessed already, yet even though I strive to eat healthy, home-cooked meals it doesn't always happen that way (so many tiny, cute, four month old excuses, baby!). This will be a good reminder of what I would like for me and my family.

Looking forward to making, creating, and sharing new "unprocessed" recipes with you throughout the month of October. 

Keep checking back for more!

-Crunchy Momma

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