How to Make Perfect Hard-Boiled Eggs

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I used to not be a big fan of hard-boiled eggs. They were difficult to peel, stinky and often the yolk turned a creepy grey color. That is, of course, until I discovered the way to make perfect hard boiled eggs.

You Will Need

  • Eggs (glad we got that clear...)
  • Water 
  • A Pot with a lid

First, for health reasons it is best to use eggs from pastured (aka bug-eating) hens (Why? This is the natural life of a hen--the more we steer away from this the less nutritious the eggs.) 

Second, for ease of peeling it is best to use eggs that are at least ten days old. (Why? Well, if you really want to know: Freshly laid eggs have a pH between 7.6-7.9. They also have a protective coat around the shell. When that coat is removed during washing/rinsing the shell becomes porous--allowing air to replace carbon dioxide in the albumen (egg white). This changes the eggs pH, making it closer to 9.2. At this higher pH the inner membrane does not stick to the albumen. Thus, the shell peels easier. Also, the older the egg the more it shrinks and the air space between the shell and the membrane increases.)

Now that we covered the science, we can get to work...

To start, place the eggs (I used ten) in a pan.

Next, add cold water to cover the eggs. 

Place on stove at high heat. 

As soon as water starts to boil, remove pot from heat and cover for 15 minutes. 

Promptly remove lid and pour out hot water. Run cold water over the eggs for 5 minutes. 

Strain and place in refrigerator or enjoy immediately. Voila! Easy to peel, golden-yellow yolked, non-stinky, hard-boiled eggs.

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  1. Huh! I had NO idea you had to remove them from the heat! I am going to give that a try!

    hugs ~ Crystelle

    1. Let me know how it goes. Thanks for stopping in! <3

  2. This was my favorite method until I tried steaming eggs. We use eggs from our chickens as they come, so they were often hard to peel once hard boiled. Steam them for about 12 minutes and they are MUCH easier to peel, have no gray-green halo and, did I mention, are MUCH easier to peel.

    1. Hey, Sally! I gotta try that. Do you use a bamboo/metal steamer? Is the water boiling rapidly before you put the eggs on? I am intrigued. I wonder what makes the difference...

    2. Any steamer will work. I usually put the water on, add the eggs and then, once it starts steaming, turn it down a bit and steam for 12 minutes. My sister in law, who is an amazing cook, now swears by this method.

      Great blog! Glad to see the next generations keeping the crunchiness going.

  3. Was this a test to see if we read and count? hehe, You boiled eight eggs not ten. This is a great hint.

    1. Oh, I love it! No it was not a test. Last time I used ten... apparently this time I used eight! The person who can't count is... ME. Lol over here. ;)

  4. this was a great post and informative! thanks for sharing. I would love for you to come link it up at my recipe link up!

  5. This is great, its something that can be so simple but if you don't do it right the eggs get all wonky!! :) Love it!! I'd love to have you link this up at our Gluten Free Fridays recipe link up over at It actually will go live tonight at 7:05 pm eastern! We are having a giveaway this week from Domata Gluten Free Products! Hope that you can join us, I'd love for you to share some of your awesome goodies!!

  6. A great basic and you explained it beautifully! I always forget about putting on the lid so obviously I'm still working on it! Did not know about the - ahem "protein" in the chicken's diet -- but that makes a lot of sense. Thanks for linking on Busy Monday!

  7. For fresh eggs add baking soda to your water, it makes the eggs peel from the shell very nice.


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