The SEXY SECRET in Your Kitchen...

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This Post is not for Everyone

Alright ladies and gentlemen, if you have Victorian-era sensibilities, this post is not for you. This is the sort of topic one would tend not to discuss in mixed company. But, since you all know now that I don't wash my hair, I guess I figure, what harm can come from sharing all my other "dirty" little secrets. Maybe I'm just a glutton for punishment. 

But really, that's not it at all. 

Truth be told, I wish every couple knew the secret I am going to share with you. There is a magical, wonderful substance just waiting to enhance your morning, afternoon or evening "delight". And chances are, you've already bought some at the store. Chances are, it's been waiting in your kitchen cupboard this whole time. Before I tell you what it is, I want to first talk to you about what you ARE using. 

The Most Lady of all Your Parts...

Ladies, let's talk about your most lady of all your parts for just one minute. Did you know that it is a mucous membrane? And as such it EASILY absorbs chemicals into your body. So whatever you slather ON down there will end up IN you. 

My general rule of thumb is, if you wouldn't eat it... don't put it on your body. There is no labeling requirements for putting the words "natural" or "healthy" on products. So even products like lubricants that make these claims still often contain synthetic or toxic compounds.

An automobile is no different than your @!#$^&, right?

Many of the synthetic chemicals in commercial lubricants were first designed for AUTOMOBILES OR OVEN CLEANERS. (Is it any wonder that women have negative reactions to lubes?!) 

Let's examine a few of the ingredients in commercial lubes:

  • Parabens. Parabens are a group of chemicals used as preservatives. They can act like estrogen and have been linked to cancer.
  • Glycerin. Glycerin is a sugar and as such can feed candida, causing yeast infections.
  • Petroleum. Petroleum jelly is a by-product of oil drilling. Enough said, right? Oh, yes, it has also has been linked to cancer.
  • Silicone oils. Shares similar side effects as petroleum.
  • Phenoxyethanol. Banned in Japan, this preservative has taken the place of paraben in many products. But studies have now linked it to brain and nervous system damage.
That's just a few of the ingredients and their side-effects. There are many more. 

The Good News

That's all the bad news. But, there's good news. And it's REALLY good news. You can bypass the potential issues caused by these chemicals entirely. And you don't have to stop living your hot life in order to do so. The solution? Mostly likely you've looked at it every time today that you've opened your kitchen cupboard. What is it?


The tropics gift to man and woman alike. Coconut oil melts on contact with the human body. It has antibacterial, antifungal and antimocribal properties. Plus, it smells amazing. Plus, I have never had an issue with it staining anything, either (and I use it for EVERYTHING).

There you go. That's the secret. Oh, there is one more thing. I would strongly suggest you buy TOP QUALITY COCONUT OIL. You would be amazed the difference in quality between brands. 

My favorite COCONUT OIL? See it here.

Now you know. Now you never have to use commercial lubricant again, you can just run to the kitchen cupboard whenever the mood strikes you.... Though, you could always just keep a small jar of it by your bed... now that you know.

Sources: 'Your Vagina's Health' by Blossom Organics
'Sexual Lubricant: 7 Ingredients to Avoid' from Care2 Healthy Living
'The Problem with Parabens' from Bubble and Bee Organic
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How do YOU use coconut oil?

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  1. Is it spermicidal at all?

    1. if its natural spermicide you want the most natural is contragel, its made in germany hard to buy but possible.

  2. I, too, use coconut oil for EVERYTHING! I highly recommend it!

  3. Our absolute favorite!!!!

  4. I just started using coconut oil now that I'm breastfeeding; it's awesome! At the hospital they gave me thi nipple ointment with loads of synthetic ingredients in it. Yeah, I don't think baby needs to ingest nystatin, clotrimazole, or betamethazone valerate during her first weeks of life (or ever, for that matter). Coconut oil all the way, baby!

  5. Excellent! I was in the market for something new for this Valentine's Day. We have used organic, naturally refined almond oil (because I hate the smells of any other oil); never had a problem with a reaction even in the nether parts ;) but will try this. Thank you. I am new to your blog and am excited to be a part of it now. A friend of mine, Nancy recommended you :D

  6. I use coconut oil daily on my face, arms, feet, oh heck all over my body. I whip coconut oil and it is so nice and creamy to use. I use it as a heavy duty hair pack; mix with greek yogurt as much oil as you like just remember you have wash that oil out, I go on the light side (about 2 tablespoons), add about 2 tblsp of local honey if you like, place a plastic cap over your hair and leave on as long as you can, at least 2 hrs. I use at least 2 tblsp of coconut oil in a hot drink daily, so yummy. I fry with coconut oil. The list is almost endless of the things you can do with coconut oil, one of my favorite oils.

  7. I have terrible hormone deficiencies and coconut oil saved our marriage! LOVE this stuff and WAY to shout out loud about it! :)

  8. We love EVCO! But, keep in mind, it isn't safe to use with condoms :/

  9. I'm so glad you posted this because I have questions!! :)
    Noah and I have been using coconut oil for most of our love life and would swear by it. ACCEPT that recently I was told by midwife that one of the reasons I struggle with yeast infections/UTI's is because of using coconut oil as a lubricant. What are your thoughts? You mentioned it's anti-bacterial? Where did you get that information?
    Have you had any experience with yeast infections?

    Side question/conversation in response to Autumn:
    Noah and I haven't had to worry about birth control methods as I was pregnant for the last 9 months.
    Now, that we need to start thinking about family planning again, and for us birth control isn't an option, we've been thinking about condoms (which we've never used) or charting/family planning.
    So, with condoms coconut oil doesn't work?

    1. Hey Jacquie!

      So sorry about the yeast infetctions/UTIs! :(

      So... I can't find any information on coconut oil causing yeast infections. In fact, from the research I've done it people swear by coconut oil as a CURE for yeast infections. (Just google "coconut oil yeast infections" and you have tons of articles talking about how it helps)

      Obviously, I am not a doctor, and I would defer to your midwife over myself. ;) But, I am super curious to know what your midwife says about this. I absolutely don't want to be encouraging women to be using something that could make an issue worse! Please let me know what you find out.

      As far as whether or not coconut oil is "safe" to use with condoms. We used coconut oil with condoms. But, I think the issues is that oil can compromise the condom. So it wouldn't be as guaranteed to be effective e.g. might slip? I think that's what people are meaning when they say it's not "safe"... could be wrong though.

      From speaking to friends who have experience in this area... they say it doesn't compromise lambskin condoms.

      Again, I'm not a medical doctor, or a trained midwife. Take what I say with a grain of salt and understand it's spoken from my experience. Let me know if you find anything else out. Your questions have me intrigued, too!

      Miss you guys! Sala is just GORGEOUS! <3

    2. Hi, just wanted to say that the problem with coconut oil and condoms is that (any) oil breaks down latex which is why it's usually recommended to use a water based lube when using them.

    3. Coconut oil absolutely does not cause yeast infections. If you suffer repeated bouts of yeast infection down there, it's probably because your diet needs a cleanup and/or your partner is reinfecting you. When you treat yours, treat his. Check out the candidiasis diet information online, too. I think you may want to share what you find with your midwife, because she's got it all wrong about coconut oil.

  10. I recently switched from birth control to condoms, and I want to second what Autumn said above... you're not supposed to use oil-based lubricants with condoms! If you're looking for a natural alternative to commonly available lubricants, but still want something water-based and safe with condoms, I've had good results with Sliquid Organics.

  11. My partner and have been using the natural version of astroglide. It works great! I am really excited to try coconut oil out though. I could see us switching completely. Great info!

  12. *giggle*
    I always knew coconut oil was good for everything! But I just LOVE the idea of having a "sexy secret" hiding in my kitchen!!! ;)
    ~ Christine @ Once Upon a Time in a Bed of Wildflowers

  13. I love me some coconut oil, inside and outside! I posted about it this month too, so we're on the same wavelength!

  14. Just stopped in from the Barnyard Hop. The name of your blog caught my eye because I just wrote a post about Little Owls. (

  15. I will look at my coconut oil in a very different way forever now! It is a great secret for sure.

  16. I agree that petroleum jelly does not make a good lubricant for "delightful" encounters, but it is not a synthetic product. Petroleum was made by fermented plants and animals that were under a great deal of pressure and heat beneath the earth's surface. The product that comes from the ground is simply distilled of impurities then packaged as 100% petroleum jelly. It is a completely different product than gasoline, which has chemicals added to it. Petroleum jelly is a great skin protector and shouldn't be ruled out as organic since it is tied to the petroleum industry.

  17. I agree that petroleum jelly does not make a good lubricant for "delightful" encounters, but it is not a synthetic product. Petroleum was made by fermented plants and animals that were under a great deal of pressure and heat beneath the earth's surface. The product that comes from the ground is simply distilled of impurities and is packaged as 100% petroleum jelly. Thus it is organic. It is not gasoline, which has chemicals added to it to make it burn in your cars. Petroleum jelly is a great skin protectant and should not be dismissed because it is associated with the petroleum industry.

  18. You will be featured at Savoring Saturdays tomorrow morning. Congrats and I hope you link up with us again!

  19. Surprise, surprise. The wonders of coconut oil never seem to end! Haha. Thanks for sharing this at Savoring Saturdays, Jacquelyn. :) I hope you'll come back tomorrow and link up again. :)

  20. Mineral-based oils - like petroleum jelly - may be "natural," but they're particularly good for people.

    Not to be a wet blanket or anything, but just in case someone reads this and thinks, "Man, I didn't like this, what's wrong with me?" since everyone else here is raving about it - I don't especially like coconut oil for this purpose. It melts to SUCH a liquid state so fast that it's too thin to really provide much lubrication. I like Aloe Cadabra. It's natural/safe, not too thin, not too sticky, and doesn't taste awful. (Things get smudged and smeared sometimes, y'know. And some commercial lubes are super bitter if you accidentally end up tasting a smudge.) For those who are concerned, it's also condom-safe.

  21. try a 50/50 mix of grape seed oil and sweet almond oil.

  22. I melt the coconut oil and freeze it it the round ice cube trays so when we're "in the mood" or I get out the shower and ready for bed and know we may get friendly that night or the morning,I just pop one inside and itll melt inside of you within minutes. LOVE IT!!!! It lastd for a few rounds, lol and theres no weird synthetic taste when its time for oral play😉


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