1. Try my English Muffin recipe! You can sub out whole wheat flour, but they will loose the nooks and crannies thing. It took me months to get them the way I like them, but man. So delicious, you will never eat store bought again.

    I put that on my FTP a long time ago. I need to update it but I forgot my password =P

  2. These are going on my Pinterest board!!! Thanks mama :)

  3. Well I'm an elective-ceasarean, formula-feeding, hospital-birthing, state-schooling, completely non-crunchy momma, but I do like these biscuits. As far as healthy cookies go, these are tasty. The wholemeal flour makes them stodgy, but you're always going to get this if you want to make something that's good for you (and baby). Not sure I'd go as far as saying I'd never buy store bought again (come on), but I'll make these again, for sure.


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