Blessings from God

Sometimes the endless possibilities, the million different ways things could have turned out, knock the breath from my body as I pause, shaken, before a floodgate.

Love is insane. Loving is insane.

Love, in all its forms, all its idiosyncrasies, makes no sense. How can we love someone so much that it physically hurts where our soul presses on our bodies?

How is it possible to love someone so small? Someone we've never met? How is it possible to cry over our abated fears, the possibilities, while rejoicing in life?

Working with life means we are also working with its mirrored twin. 

Surgery is a serious thing. No matter how many white walls, how many sets of stairs, how many machines buzzing, drugs pumping... we are still flesh being opened with sharp instruments. And sometimes we don't make it out. 

Dust to dust. 

No matter how much metal, plastic, or fabric they place between us and the earth. Eventually, the earth will win. 

Dust to dust. 

We cannot escape the earth no matter how tall our buildings, how far into space we reach, we always have to come down, down, back into the earth. For that is where every one of us will rest.

If we knew what would come of loving? If we knew what would come of living? Would we start on this path? Would we love knowing how much it would hurt? Would we love knowing how scared, how completely and utterly helpless we would feel when we come face to face with lifes mirrored twin?

I think we would.

They say every day is a blessing. They say every day is a gift. But what is the gift for? The questions too big to try and answer. What is the answer?

Blessing from God, do you know the answer? In your beautiful eyes I see promise. I see purpose. I see family. I see so much love for the new dawn.  I see love.

Love is insane. Loving is insane.

Blessing from God, I will strive to be grateful for this new day with you. For every day is a gift. For ever day is a blessing from God.

For Corban Ray Stollar, 5/24/16

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