Poopy, poopy everywhere...

As I write this post I have barf in my hair and carrot soup on my shoes. Oh, and I just noticed that my shirt is inside out....

Hello. It's been awhile since I have been on here to write a post. Feels strange to be back. I will write a longer explanation later, but suffice it to say I have been dealing with sleep deprivation and trying to figure out what to change in our lives so both Little Owl, papa and I can all get more sleep. We are on the up.

Just wanted to share with you a little story...

For the past month we have been trying a new method at bedtime to get Athena to fall asleep without nursing: quiet playtime, bath time, books, dressed, nurse, and than papa takes over and she falls asleep with him.

Well, last night was my first night putting Athena to bed without Brian using this new "no-nurse-to-sleep" method.

Post bath, Athena always hangs out on the bed while I dry off and put clothes on. We've been doing it this way for over a month. No accidents. Of course, the one night I don't have help... I turn around after looking away for maybe two minutes and smell something very, very sour.

Yup. Poopy. All. Over. Everything.

She had spread it around by crawling from one end of the bed to the other and back again (note: she's very fast...). She had covered her favorite book (now no longer a part of her collection due to its change of texture and smell...) with poopy.

I gathered her up (would scoop be a better verb?) and brought her into the bathroom to wipe her bum. No poopy on her bum. Just All. Over. her legs and some on her arms. Well... only one thing to do... back in the bathtub.

No protest from baby on this one. She loves the bath tub.

After getting her all cleaned off we come back out. I take the sheet that had been christened with baby love and wrap it up tightly to wash later. I decide to try and see if she will go any more for me in the potty because surprisingly for how much it spread I didn't think she had actually pooped that much. Bad choice. She didn't poop more. But the pooping position made her spit up.

Spit up what you say?

Oh, just sardines that she had had for dinner.


ABC sardines all over her clean baby body and me. Well... only one thing to do... back in the bathtub. No protest from baby. She loves the bath tub.

*Sigh* I love being a mom.

No, but really... I do. Just look at this face:

Ok mommas, what is your "best" poopy story? Please tell me. 


  1. Jeannie Van PoptaApril 23, 2013 at 7:38 PM

    Thankfully I don't have many poopy stories. But when my twins were not quite one yet I was in the middle of changing one when the other needed me so I put baby down on the floor and went to help other baby. I come back and there is poop on the floor and on a book that had been flipped over and then stepped on! Fast forward about a year and one twin poops in his underwear, I put him on the toilet and put the underwear in the sink and run to help his old sister. I come back and his twin sister has taken the underwear out of the sink and thrown it on the floor and stepped on it and peed herself.....

    1. Kids are amazing, aren't they? Thanks for sharing. Gave me a good laugh, momma! ;)

  2. Oh my gosh-I would have laughed and cried if this happened to me!!!

    I think the worst for us was being out to dinner with our daughter when she was right at a year old. I started to smell something bad and realized she needed to be changed. Problem? It was not only all over her-but all over the high chair too. I begin to panic when of course, here comes our waiter. We tried ordering really fast so he would leave. I scooped up my kid and held the poop that was oozing out of her diaper with my hands. Finally get to the bathroom only to realize...I don't have any wipes. So I had to clean her and the high chair off with crappy (no pun intended) soapy paper towels. I even used hand sanitizer all over the high chair. I was never more happy than when we were able to leave.

    Oh the life of mom.

  3. I was changing my happy breastfed baby one day....I turned to fold a diaper (cloth flats), and just as I was reaching for her legs to slip the clean diaper under her she squirted yellow poop all over the clean diaper and my hands. It was a projectile moment involving a shot length of about 2 feet - all the way into the cupboard housing my clean stacks of folded diapers.

    I'm glad I had the presence of mind to laugh about it at the time.


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