Things to Love (December)

December has been a truly wonderful month for our little family. The holiday season contains so much more wonder and magic when you have a child to share it with. Of course, Little Owl is still very young, but her fascination with all the little things in life help me slow down and cherish the small moments.

I want to share a few things I read, learned and loved this month. Hope you enjoy. 

  • This sort of article is not something I am typically attracted to, but I actually found this one on how  to get a flat stomach interesting and helpful. I like that it comes from a "real food" perspective. 
  • Heard of alkaline and acidic? This post is all about alkalizing--as regards our body. Interesting stuff.
  • I got a beeswax candle making kit for Christmas which was super exciting. It is good to know all kinds of uses for beeswax... for when I keep my own bees in the future. 
  • This recipe for purple cabbage with orange looks heavenly. One of my resolutions for 2013 is to learn to ferment with fruit so I will have to try this. 
  • As you know, I don't wash my hair. But... I may have to change some of my thoughts on that after reading these tips for natural hair care...
  • I love this mom's honesty on learning to accept herself and view herself as more than just a stay-at-home mom
  • Winter is... the season of colds. Wish I had seen this recipe for knock your socks off cold kicking cider about a month ago. Oh well, I have it for next time!
  • I have vanilla beans in the cupboard right now because I want to make vanilla extract. I also want to try this recipe for homemade orange extract. Mmmm.
  • I loved this idea of a morning routine using lemon water.
  • I loved spending time with my family, having Brian home for a four day weekend (!), riding a bike after almost a year, seeing my baby go from a rolling-over baby to a scooting baby... so many things this month. 
  • I loved December.

What are some things you loved this month?

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