LittleOwlCruncyMomma is a blog about me, my life, my thoughts and my experiences. It will contain information about nothing in particular and everything in general. I will talk about whatever I am thinking about at the time. I am, among other things, a wife, a mother, a thinker, an explorer, a dancer, an actress, a lover of books, a teacher, a student, a cook, a Weston A. Price fanatic, a creator and a thinker.

I will record bits of my life so that some day I can look back and laugh at my mistakes and be proud of my accomplishments. I invite you to laugh and learn with me.

I became a mother four months ago to a beautiful, healthy, vibrant baby girl. My husband and I chose the name Athena. Named after the goddess of Athens, her name represents strength, wisdom, power, knowledge, courage and any other virtue that Athens one time or another stood for or admired.

As the harbinger of wisdom, truth and light, the goddess Athena was closely associated with the owl; a creature of the night who can see through the darkness. In ancient tradition the goddess carried, perched on her shoulder or on her hand, a companion--a Little Owl (Athene noctua). Little Owls would gather in swarms at the Acropolis to receive protection and to pay homage to their beloved. The Little Owl symbolizes the wisdom and veracity of the goddess.

As a Crunchy Mama my journey will be far from the ordinary experience of the modern suburban housewife. I am a home-birthing, non-vaccinating, baby-wearing, elimination communication-practicing, co-sleeping, Weston Price-following mom. I look forward to sharing with you the reasons for the choices I have made so far, the choices I will make in the future, and my process of realizing my mistakes.

It is my hope and prayer that my journey as a mother--beginning with my Little Owl--will bring me wisdom, strength and courage. 


  1. Welcome to the blogosphere! I'll look forward to following your journey here.

  2. Thanks, Rebeca! Looking forward to hearing about more of your adventures as well. Miss seeing you and your darling little ones.

  3. *smile* - I was a rebel in my day, too :)

    1. Hey! I know you were! I actually thought about you a lot when I was researching/deciding to do a home birth. :)

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