How to Turn a Receiving Blanket Into a Diaper (no-sew method!)

When Little Owl was sick with a cold it was all I could do to not go batty from sleep deprivation. Getting laundry done was completely out of the question. Her peeing incessantly was not.

Luckily, since I had a home birth, I happen to have TONS of receiving blankets on hand. That is how I discovered how to turn a receiving blanket into a diaper (without sewing--since I can't sew to save my life...)

To start lay out your receiving blanket on a flat surface:

Next take one corner and fold it over to the opposite far corner to create a triangle:

Repeat again to form a smaller triangle:

Fold over about a half inch of material along the "top":

Place folded edge under baby. Next, pick up corner between the legs,

Fold over top bit of triangle:

For the sides, roll over about a half inch of material on both sides.

Wrap sides over middle section. Voila! A cloth diaper from a receiving blanket

Hope you are staying healthy and having a good week! <3

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  1. yep. that's pretty much the diapers my brothers wore (I don't remember my own lol, but I'm sure they were similar). I believe my mother folded them lengthwise but whatever, they catch the messes and prove you don't need a fancy pants diaper (eh, see what I did there! ;P ) all the time

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  3. How do you have the three pieces come together with out coming undone? The pieces I'm talking about is the one bewtween the legs and the two side pieces.

    1. Same way you keep the regular diapers on-- with the covers. I place it over the receiving blanket just like I would any other.


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