Things to Love (October)

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There is a beauty and magic to every changing season. I, myself, particularly love Autumn. There is nothing quite so cozy as a season of change. All of nature seems to take a deep breath, to rest from the warmth and work that summer has given.

As October ends I wanted to share with you a few things I love, a few things I don't love and a few things I have learned. 

I hope you will enjoy!

     I love learning. I love learning new things like about flax seed benefits (or NOT!) things like fluoride dangers,.

     I love not having a working oven. NOT! Because it means I can't make things like almond meal muffins or egg casserole.

     I love marshmallows!!!

     I love love love love love LOVE bacon and any way to eat it.

     I love sitting warm and snugly by a fire and sipping things like  Fall teaspiced cranberry apple ciderraw milk eggnog, or a fun Halloween drink.

     I love my local farmer's market and love that I can get swiss chard almost all year round in the PNW. 

     I love that I can buy costco frozen fish without batting an eye.

     I love edible sweet Fall-ish things like a carrott dessert or pumpkin fudge.

     I love mushrooms and a good fungi foray.

     I love my friend dearly dearly and I think (yes, I am biased) that the way she does juicing is perfection.

     I love my husband. I love how hard he works so that I can be a stay-at-home mom. But, I love that I know that if I ever did have to become a working mom I could still eat healthy.

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     I love having good poops. So knowing how to cure constipation is a good thing. 

     I love me some probiotics! Like traditional kimchi and other cultured fruits and veggies.

     I love not having to use toxic chemicals to clean my house. I love using cloth diapers. I love knowing that I can whiten clothes naturally with harming my home or my baby.

     I love cholesterol! Yes, that's right. I said it. 

     I love being healthy. I love not being sick. I love having tricks up my sleeve for common cold remedies.

     I love being a wife.

     I love being a mom.

     I love blogging.

    And I love YOU!

Happy Fall everyone! <3

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  1. I love you too and so thankful to be your friend. You inspire me!

  2. I love all of this... and you! You and your tidbits of helpful information are just too lovely. :)

  3. Love your enthusiasm! :) Thanks for sharing about our fungi foray!

    1. You bet, Ariana! Sounded like a lot of fun. I want to go. :)

  4. Hi I'm Heather! Please email me when you get a chance, I have a question about your blog! LifesABanquet1(at)


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